I’m a Mother of two kids, aged 4 and 8. While pregnant with Son (now 4) I had a condition called Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction (SPD). Basically I couldn’t walk. Symptoms still affect me today. Before starting with Petite Pilates I couldn’t touch my knees (nevermind my toes!) Mobility was an issue with me. Now after a few months of Pilates i can not only touch my toes but rest my knuckles on the floor! I have toned up I’m more mobile and have a spring in my step! I can sit on the floor and play with my kids without the need of 2 people to get up again!! This might seem trivial to some people but for me Pilates (Hope in particular) has changed my life!! Andrea Day

After yet another episode of severe lower back pain, I started pilates with Hope about 18 months ago, on the recommendation of my physiotherapist. I’d tried other pilates classes in the past but as the instructors paid little attention to my back problem, I never managed to stay the course due to flair ups.  However, within a couple of months of weekly pilates classes with Hope, I noticed a real improved in my flexibility and core strength. Hope’s individual attention and expert guidance now means I am now virtually pain free and regularly running 5kms!  Therese McDonnell

I take part in classes with Hope from Petit Pilates following an illness, it is a vital part of my rehabilitation. Hope is very professional and aware of the needs of all her clients and  the exercise routine varies week to week. Have greatly benefited from the pilates classes and highly recommend them to all. Seamus McNamee

Having undergone open heart surgery and being unable to walk more than 20 feet without being short of breath, I found Petite Pilates 18months ago. I am now a completely different person, full of life, energetic, flexible and happy. You have changed my life. I look forward to Pilates every week and will never stop coming to class. THANK YOU PETITE PILATES. Sally Griffin

After 6 months of excruciating back pain I was advised to take up Pilates.   It has changed my life.   I feel like I have a new body!  Thank you  Hope. Roisin Holland

I have been going to Pilates classes with Hope for over 2 years. These are the best pilates classes I have been to by a long shot. They are varied, challenging and great fun. Hope is very hands on, giving personal attention to each of us and ensures all exercises are done correctly. She also takes into account any injuries or niggles we each may have. Her physio expertise is invaluable. I would whole heartedly recommend Petite Pilates to everyone. Sophie Gunn