About Us

Absolute Beginner Mat Pilates classes

For clients who are new to Pilates or for those clients who have not practised Pilates for some time. These classes introduce the relevant exercises and  focus on learning the fundamentals of Pilates with good technique, including breathing, neutral spine and centering.

Improver Mat Pilates classes

For those who have grasped good basic technique and want to be challenged with tougher exercises. At this point we work on increasing core strength and stamina. At the same time we teach more complex patterns of movement. We also start to introduce small pieces of Pilates equipment to promote stability and strength

Intermediate Mat Pilates classes

Even more challenging, teaching clients how to build up to perform the 36 original exercises that were designed by Joseph Pilates for execution on the mat. Modifications will be given where necessary, and small pieces of Pilates equipment are frequently used. Movement becomes flowing and dynamic so the body becomes evenly strengthened and stretched.

Advanced Mat Pilates classes

Quite simply that! The teacher delivers the original Mat in the correct sequence with a fast tempo and with flowing transitions. The result is a really tough workout. These classes are hard so be prepared to really work!

Mens Only

Our unique men’s only classes are exactly that – Pilates classes just for men!

Pregnancy Pilates

An appropriate way to exercise your body throughout the whole of your pregnancy. Unlike other exercise classes for the pregnant women, Pilates can be practised from conception for those who have been regular class attendees. For those who are new to Pilates, we recommend that you do not commence classes until you are 14 weeks pregnant. At PetitePilates we incorporate our pregnant clients into our improver classes – making subtle exercise adjustments depending on the trimester and medical history of the client.

Pilates for Children classes

A new way to approach physical activity  in children. These classes primarily focus on agility, balance and coordination – all of which are now recognised as being vital for not just physical development but also intellectual development. These classes last 45 minutes, and are taught through stories, play and most importantly, your child’s imagination. Every class incorporates traditional Pilates exercises disguised as play. The class also touches on important issues such as healthy eating, and includes some cardiovascular play activity. These classes are suitable for all National School level children but will have particular benefit for children diagnosed with conditions such as low tone, dyspraxia, dyslexia, scoliosis, as well as children who have been immobilised in casts post fractures or surgery. Classes are spilt into the following age groups: 5-7′s, 7-9′s, and 9-11′s.

We currently are not running any children’s classes  - however we are taking names on a waiting list with a view to commencing classes in 2015.

Pilates for Teens classes

Aimed at that unique time in a young person’s physical development, when their bodies are going through huge growth changes. The class incorporates traditional Pilates exercises with and without small equipment, it also incorporates sequence work that promotes co-ordination and cardiovascular health.

We currently are not running any Teen’s classes  - however we are taking names on a waiting list with a view to commencing classes in 2015.